Local solutions to a global problem

Up to now, our society has handled the problem of plastic waste in a very irresponsible way. And this currently still is the case. We are the cause of the enormous amounts of plastic that are heavily polluting our rivers, seas and oceans. And if we do not remover the plastic in our rivers before it reaches the estuaries, it will invariably end up in the plastic soup, which will continue to grow.

The fundamental problem is the way how we, as a global human society, handle plastic.

Research-based estimates indicate that approx. 80% of the plastic waste in the plastic soup originates from land-based sources. The figure on the left gives a view on the lifecycle of plastic packaging material and shows that approx. 30% of the plastic leaks from the cycle into our environment. Although it may take many years, this plastic waste will end up in the plastic soup where it can start its devastating work. For hundreds or even thousands of years. So, if we want to stop the plastic soup from growing, we have to stop the supply of plastic waste to our seas and oceans stops. We can achieve this to a really great extent by keeping our rivers and waterways free from plastic as much as possible and by removing any plastic from it before it reaches the estuaries.

We want to transform the current “plastic rivers” into “zero plastic rivers”.


Up to 80% of the plastic soup is transported into our oceans via rivers