Zero Plastic Rivers has started as a civilian initiative rooted in the awareness that the worldwide plastic pollution is a huge and severe ecological threat that needs to be solved as fast as possible. We focus as a team on one single goal: to drastically reduce riverine plastic pollution.

For this purpose, Zero Plastic Rivers works to define, elaborate and implement an encompassing and science-based program to develop and apply relevant knowledge and know-how to connect people and organizations from all parts of society to cooperate and even to start new initiatives where appropriate.

Since this requires a multi-disciplinary approach, Zero Plastic Rivers cooperates with different partners from a variety of professional domains and scientific disciplines. In this context, Zero Plastic Rivers aims to create partnerships with all parties and people that want to contribute to reduce riverine plastic pollution and in which every party decides what its wants to do and how it wants to cooperate.

In first instance, we focus at the river Scheldt as pilot and one type of plastic riverine pollution, i.e. macro plastics. We intend to extend our research to other rivers and other types of plastic pollution as soon as possible.

Not only is it necessary to conduct research related to riverine plastic pollution and how to solve it, we also need to put the knowledge and solutions in practice. As a global society, we have to prevent as much as possible plastic waste to end up in rivers. This will require considerable behavioral change from all of us. And to remove any plastic pollution that is present in rivers, we need to develop and implement technical solutions to collect and remove it.

For these reasons, we want to unite people, civilians, governments, governmental and non-governmental organizations, schools, academia, business and industry in our efforts to realize this difficult goal. Literally anybody can help and we are open to discuss any form of cooperation. As a partner, you can structurally help by supporting Zero Plastic Rivers and/or by helping to realize a part of our program.


For that reason, we unite civilians, governments, schools, universities, governmental & non-governmental organizations, business and industry to fight for Zero Plastic Rivers