University of Antwerp

The University of Antwerp is a young and dynamic university which is focused on the future. It integrates the power of its history with its ambition to contribute maximally to society.

As such, the University of Antwerp develops, elaborates and disseminates scientific knowledge and know-how by means of research, education and services embedded in academic freedom and sense of responsibility.

Ecosystem management research group

The research group ecosystems management (Ecobe) is embedded in the Faculty of Biology of the Antwerp University and undertakes research concerning the ecology of aquatic ecosystems and wetlands and the processes in the border area between land and water on riverbanks and the interaction between rivers, coast and sea.

Research areas vary from small ponds with narrow banks to large rivers, floodplains and estuaries. The research has a descriptive and experimental nature and is integrated to assess the impact of different policy options on ecosystem functioning and biodiversity.

Mooimakers (The Cleaners)

Vlaanderen Mooi is the Flemish initiative against litter and illegal dumping. As such, it is organized by OVAM, Fost Plus and VVSG (Association of cities and municipalities). The OVAM is responsible for the policies related to waste, materials and soil remediation in Flanders. Fost Plus unites the organizations and companies that bring packaged products to the Belgian market. The local governments are responsible for public cleanliness and together form the VVSG.

Vlaanderen Mooi implements its policy by means of the Mooimakers.

Mooimakers undertakes research, stimulates exchange of knowledge, proactively supports all actors who engage in the battle against litter and organizes inspiring projects and actions. Mooimakers is the engine of a societal movement of which everybody can become part.

Additionally, Mooimakers organizes every year a campaign to sensitize people to avoid littering and illegal dumping of waste. The 2017 campaign's call for action was to act as if being at home and not to throw any waste on the ground.


Greengineering is specialized in process optimization, decision support and change management for organizations and companies. Traditionally, these activities are focused mainly at cost minimization. However, Greengineering additionally focuses on minimization of the ecological impact of organizations, activities and processes.

For this purpose, traditional optimization methods such as lean, Six Sigma and Operations Research need to be combined with environmental management, life cycle assessment, information technology and business engineering.

This way, Greengineering is able to successfully address organizational and operational problems in order to minimize both the financial cost and the ecological impact of processes and activities.

De Vlaamse Waterweg nv

De Vlaamse Waterweg nv manages the Flemish waterways as a powerful network that greatly contributes to the economy, welfare and quality of life in Flanders. De Vlaamse Waterweg nv increases transport via inland navigation, takes care of water management and improves the attractiveness of waterways for recreation, tourism and experience of nature. By managing water, we also care for the quality of our waterways and their banks, a.o. by looking for the most effective and efficient ways to remove stranded and floating debris, waste and litter.